Thai Cooking Class in Phuket

Cook, eat and fun !
Come as a guest and leave as a friend.

Thai Cooking Class in Phuket

Discover the secrets of Thai food

Looking for a reliable Thai cooking class in school in Phuket? Look no further than Pink Chili Thai Cooking Class. We offer wide selections of Thai dishes. Thai cooking will be extremely easy and taught in incredibly easy steps; therefore it will be simpler for you to prepare these dishes at home. Here at Pink Chili Thai Cooking Class you are provided a hands-on cooking lesson of the traditional dishes of Thailand in a perfect home style learning setting which is far different from restaurants and hotels in Phuket.

Morning class
10am - 14pm
4 dishes cooked
No market tour

Afternoon class
3.30pm - 7.30pm
4 dishes cooked
Market tour included

Half day Thai Cooking Class Session.

Eat and enjoy the Thai meat you've cooked by yourself.

We offer daily cooking classes which is arranged or scheduled at 2 expedient time slots, which is morning and afternoon. Daily class takes account of familiarization with real and genuine Thai ingredients, practice sessions, theory lesson and food tasting as well.

Local Market visit and tour

Visit of Thai traditional market to select the best fresh ingredients and spices.

All fresh ingredients

Introduce to Thai Jasmin Rice, Sticky Rice, Herbs, Spices and the different Seasonings.

Hands–on Cooking

Cooking from scratch the dish included curry paste, totally hands-on experience.

Traditional Cooking learn

Thai traditional cooking technics will be learnt, the way how to cook stick rice and much more.

Cooking By Yourself

Following teacher instructions. Make your own curry paste and peanuts sauce from scratch.

Eat what you have cooked

Enjoy the meat you have just finished to cooked by yourself. Water, coffee, tea offered.

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